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Animal and Nature Quiz Questions
There is a more generalised "nature quiz questions" category elsewhere on this site, but this page displays specifically questions about animals  (and birds and insects and fish and stuff - you know what I mean). Not too many trick questions or questions that are too difficult I hope.

The answers to these animal themed  trivia questions should be easy enough for most pub quiz contestants, but difficult enough to make them think. In many cases the answer is hidden within the question if you are sharp enough to get it.

There are also a lot of questions for kids - insects to pets, wild animals, fish, birds and reptiles... there's pretty much something for everybody.

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Q: Which mamal lays eggs?
Duck billed platypus

Q: On television what was Flipper?

Q: What are bactrians and dromedaries?
Camels (one hump or two)

Q: What kind of animal is a lurcher?

Q: What is a baby rabbit called?
Kit or Kitten

Q: Ictheologists study what?

Q: Who or what lives in a formicarium?

Q: It's a flock of sheep what's a group of owls called?

Q: What animal would you find in a form?

Q: What plant does the Colorado beetle attack?

Q: If you suffer from cynanthropy what do you think you are?

Q: What type of birds (Hugin + Munin) sit on the shoulders of Odin?

Q: What is a Charollais?
Type of Cattle

Q: Odin owned Geri and Freki what were they?

Q: What animal - faster horse - longer no water than camel - see behind?

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I intend adding a lot more animal and nature pub quiz questions over time, but there should be more than enough to keep quiz masters and quiz contestants happy for a long time here.
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