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Art Pub Quiz Questions
Instead of the usual "art and literature" trivia, I have separated the art pub quiz questions from the literature pub quiz questions and placed them each in separate categories.

I feel that literature is broad enough without adding all the other arts. Questions on this page will mostly be about fine arts, dance, classical music, theatre and all that type of stuff.

I've tried to keep the questions within the realms of general knowledge - you don't need to be an expert to get most of the answers. Most of the questions should be well within the grasp of the average pub quiz contestant.

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Q: Which film had song Springtime for Hitler?
The Producers

Q: What was Erich Weiss better known as?
Harry Houdini

Q: Who painted The Haywain?
John Constable

Q: La Giaconda is better known as what?
Mona Lisa

Q: Hey Big Spender comes from what musical?
Sweet Charity

Q: Madame Pauline de Vere first female circus performer - do what?
Head in Lions Mouth

Q: Who composed the opera Turendot?
Giacomo Puccini

Q: What form modern sculpture invented Calder named Dechamp?
The Mobile

Q: Who painted the Water Lilly Pond in 1899 (both names)?
Claude Monet

Q: In the Bolshoi ballet what does the word Bolshoi mean?

Q: Franz Halls Laughing Cavalier what's the paintings real title?
Portrait of a man

Q: Tempera uses water and what to paint with?
Egg Yoke

Q: Short actors stand on what wooden object - to appear bigger?

Q: What dance is usually performed to Orpheus in the Underworld?
Can Can

Q: Which dancer died in 19 strangled by scarf on car wheel?
Isadora Duncan

There are 15 pub quiz questions per page.
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I will adding a lot more art quiz questions over time, but at this point I'm knackered and I'm taking a break!!
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