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Business Quiz Questions
Business quiz questions, advertising quiz questions, finance quiz questions. All generally pretty boring shit in day to day life, put it's stuff that always spoken about down the pub and it's trivia we all know at some level!

People of all ages have a reasonable shot at answering most of these questions. Not too difficult. Not too easy. Business effects us all every day, but how much attention to we pay and what do we remember?

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Can be played in all countries.

Q: Who would take silk as part of their job?

Q: What in business terms is the IMF?
International Monetary Fund

Q: Which company is owned by Bill Gates?

Q: What is the currency of Austria?

Q: How did Alfred Nobel make his money?
He invented Dynamite

Q: Which car company makes the Celica?

Q: Air Lingus is the national airline of which country?
Republic of Ireland or Eire

Q: Christopher Cockerel invented what?

Q: Percy LeBaron Spencer invented what in 1945 in USA?
Microwave Oven

Q: What profession did Handel originally study?
The Law

Q: In which American city can you get doctorate in hambugerology?
Hamburger College Chicago

Q: What was Eddison's first practical invention?
Tick a Tape for stockmarket

Q: Which company invented the transistor radio in 1952?

Q: Edwin Drake sank the first of them in 1859 - what were they?
Oil Wells

Q: Melvin R Bissell invented what in 1876 in the USA?
Carpet Sweeper

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Business quiz questions can be very regionally specific. I haven't differentiated between British or American or anything else - just choose the questions that you think are fair to your audience.
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