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Chemisty Quiz Questions
I LOVE chemistry pub quiz questions. Everybody should know this stuff, but most don't.

Makes you wish you paid more attention in high school chemistry classes doesn't it?? Some of these questions are pretty rudimentary and should be answered by children or anybody with high school level chemistry but some will require a little lateral thinking. Not really trick questions as such, but maybe the answers aren't as obvious as they may appear.

There is a more generic science quiz section on this site, but the pub quiz questions on this particular page pertain specifically to the discipline of chemistry.

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Q: Which chemical was introduced to US as a cough suppressant?

Q: What is a chemically castrated cock called?

Q: 12 is the atomic number of which metal?

Q: What element was named after the Greek word for green?

Q: What elements name comes from the Greek for light bearing?

Q: Which country set up the world's first chemistry lab in 1650?

Q: What is mainly extracted from pitchblende?

Q: H14 N2 is a poisonous alkaloid consumed daily by millions what?

Q: What is the last element - Alphabetically?

Q: Which metal gets its name from Swedish for heavy stone?

Q: Which metallic element atomic no 83 soothes Gastric Ulcers?

Q: What is the SI unit of illumination?

Q: Methacrylate resin is used to make what?
Prosthetic eyes

Q: Only two elements liquid room temperature - mercury and what?

Q: Which two metals are alloyed to make pewter?
Tin and Lead

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I really enjoy chemistry pub quiz questions and trivia. If you have any favourite questions you would like to see added, please feel free to mail them to me.
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