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Football quiz questions

Football quiz questions are a little confusing - there are two sports called football... The American game where they throw the ball and the game the rest of the world plays with their feet.

I have combined questions about both types of football on this page. You will need to sort through and pick the ones with answers your pub quiz audience will most relate to.

To tell the truth, I can't say I'm a fan of either type of football, but I'll seperate the questions if there is enough interest.

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Can be played in all countries.

Q: Which football club has won a record 51 league titles since 1891?
Glasgow Rangers

Q: There is an official FIFA rule on the Faroe islands that does not exist any where else. This applies when taking penalties and the reason for this exceptional rule is due to the strong sea breezes. What can be done that isn't allowed elsewhere?
Another player can hold the ball in place like in the NFL

Q: Which chain-smoker won the European footballer of the year title three times?
Johan Cruyff

Q: Four players have scored two or more 'hat-tricks' in football world cups. Name three
Gab Batistuta, Gerd Müller, Just Fontaine, Sandor Kocsis

Q: Name the four Italians who have scored six or more goals in football world cup competitions?
Four answers;     Roberto Baggio, Christian Vieri, Paolo Rossi, Salvatore "Toto’ Schillaci

Q: Which football trainer has won the most titles as a player? ( national and international titles )
Giovanni Trapatoni - Giovanni Trapattoni (born March 17, 1939) is an Italian football coach. He is a former player and coach of the Italian national team, currently in charge with Austrian club Red Bull Salzburg alongside Lothar Matthäus. Their likely lea

Q: The first football international took place in 1872 between Scotland and England. The next game between these two 'auld enemies' was a bit rough to say the least. Plus or minus three, how many of the twenty-two players were injured?

Q: In the early days of football, such as in the late 19th century, who would send the player from the pitch for unsportsmanlike behaviour?
The Captain

Q: According to Forbes Magazine, who were the five best paid footballers in 2006?
David Beckham, Wayne Rooney, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Michael Ballack

Q: Name four footballers in the 1990s who won the title "Fifa world footballer of the year" who's name begins with the letter 'R'
Roberto Baggio, Romario, Ronaldo and Rivaldo

Q: "The Black Panther" was the only goalkeeper to win the title of "European footballer of the year". What was his real name?
Lev Yashin

Q: The most valuable football shirt of all time was sold at auction for 100,000 Euro. Who wore it originally and in which year?
Bobby Moore, 1966

Q: How much does the FIFA World Cup trophy weigh? (+/- 500g)
6.175 kg

Q: Which football national team is known a the Soca Warriors?
Trinidad / Tobago

Q: What is the final contest of the NFL professional football season called?
Super Bowl

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If you would like me to separate the American football questions from the regular football soccer questions, just let me know.
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