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Movie quiz questions

Movie quiz questions and trivia about movies appeal to people of all ages. The pub quiz questions on these pages are about movies of all time, from the golden era of Hollywood up to today's blockbusters so there is something for everyone.

Most people watch a lot more movies than they read books, so these questions will have a lot wider appeal than, for instance, literature questions and apart from the odd trick question almost everybody has a shot at getting the answers.


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Q: What colour is Spock's blood?

Q: Who starred as the Six Million Dollar Man?
Lee Majors

Q: Who played The Fugitive?
David Jason

Q: Who starred as Rocky Balboa?
Sylvester Stallone

Q: Who has won the most Oscars?
Walt Disney

Q: Who won an Oscar for the African Queen?

Q: What was the first James Bond book?
Casino Royal

Q: Who did Michael Caine play in the Ipcress File?
Harry Palmer

Q: Who in books and films was the man of bronze?
Doc Savage

Q: Ray Bolger played who in The Wizard of Oz?

Q: What 1945 film won best picture, actor, director Oscars?
The Lost Weekend

Q: Who did James Bond marry - character - (both names)?
Theresa Draco

Q: What is Admiral Sir Miles Messervy usually known as?
M (Bond films)

Q: What film made 58 times - cartoon, porrno, operatic, ballet?

Q: Who directed the Halloween series of films?
John Carpenter

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