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Mythology Quiz Questions

Questions about mythology crop up in just about every pub quiz. Greek mythology, Roman mythology, Viking mythology and god know what else... all the questions and trivia on this page pertain to ancient myths and religions. Questions about modern religions that still exist can be found in the religion section.

I admit I am a fan of mythology so I will probably find the answers to the questions here a bit easier than most, but for the most part these questions are quite classic and everybody should know at least some of them.


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Q: In the Chinese New Year what year follows Rat?

Q: Who was the Greek goddess of retribution?

Q: Skadi is the Norse Goddess of what?
Winter and the Hunt

Q: Name Greek Goat Amaltheas horns that good things flowed from?

Q: Which mythical UK creature becomes an evil boggart if annoyed?

Q: In Greek mythology which woman's name means all gifts?

Q: Bor and Bestla his parents Vili and Ve his brothers name him?
Odin chief Norse God

Q: Who had the gift of prophecy and curse of not being believed?
Cassandra Daughter of Priam of Troy

Q: In Greek mythology Deianeira was the wife of who?

Q: Nessus killed Hercules - What was Nessus?

Q: What was Hebe the goddess of?

Q: Sobek was an Egyptian god - in what form is he seen?

Q: In Greek legend what was Pygmalion's kingdom?

Q: What fabled monster has a lions head and a serpents tail?

Q: What fluid ran through the Greek Gods instead of blood?

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If you have a bit of a classical education and would like to contribute some mythological pub quiz questions, please just send me an e-mail and I will add them here as soon as I get a chance.
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