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Quiz questions for teenagers

There are thousands of quiz questions suitable for teenagers on this site, but a lot of people have asked for the teenage suitable trivia to be filtered onto one page, so here it is.

Ok - there aren't that many quiz questions here yet, I have to find the time to go through the entire database and flag the questions I deem as suitable for a teenage trivia quiz, so I'll get around to it when i get around to it.


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Q: What are bactrians and dromedaries?
Camels (one hump or two)

Q: 80% of household dust is actually what material?
Dead skin

Q: What is Top Kanal in Poland?
Commercial TV station

Q: 300000 American teenagers get what every year?
Venereal disease

Q: 64% of American teenagers have what in their bedrooms?

Q: In any one month 36% of Americans eat what for breakfast?
Cold left over pizza

Q: 6000 American teenagers do it daily - what?
Lose their virginity

Q: What did Popeye eat for strength before spinach?

Q: Which comic character is both a princess and a prince?
Wonder Woman as Diana Prince

Q: What was the first publicly televised sporting event in Japan?
A Baseball Match

Q: What agency began as a group of mercenary guards?
Texas Rangers

Q: In Bewitched name Samantha's identical cousin?

Q: Red white blue yellow green which colours missing from Rubik's cube?

Q: In the original Star Trek who has unrequited love for Mr Spock?
Nurse Chapel

Q: In which 1960s kids show is The Hood the supervillian?

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If you really NEED a lot of quiz questions for teenagers in a hurry, let me know and if the demand is great enough I'll prioritize sorting some trivia questions for this page.
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