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World War II Quiz Questions.

This page started out as a list of World War II  quiz questions and answers, but I have since added questions about other wars so this page will have a bunch of trivia about warfare in general.

I have a lot more  questions to add to this section, I'll get around to adding them to the database as soon as I get the time.


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Q: Who betrayed Jesus to the Romans?
Judas Escariot

Q: In which war was the charge of the Light Brigade?

Q: Name the legless fighter pilot of ww2?
Douglas Bader

Q: Which award has the words for valour on it?
Victoria Cross

Q: Which country had the guns of Naverone installed?

Q: Robert Whithead invented what weapon in 1866?

Q: The artist Abbott Thayer's developed what for military use?
Camouflage colours

Q: The Treaty of Paris in 1856 ended which war?
The Crimean war

Q: Which battle was fought at Senlac hill?
Battle of Hastings

Q: Operation Urgent Fury was the US invasion of where?

Q: After The Red Baron was shot down who took over his squadron?
Herman Goering

Q: Name UK General who defeated Montcalm on Plains Abraham?
James Wolfe

Q: Captain Hans Langsdorff captained which German Battleship?
Graf Spee

Q: What fashion did General Ambrose Burnside start in Civil War?

Q: Cher Ami saved the Lost Battalion in 1918 what was it?

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If you're a war historian and you've got some good Wold War 2 quiz questions that you would like to contribute, please just mail me and I'll add them to the site as soon as I can.
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World War 2 Quiz Questions

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